Jared D. Smith

Associate Professor of Finance
Poole College of Management
4124 Nelson Hall
Raleigh NC 27695
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Do sin tax hikes spur cheating in interpersonal exchange? (with David Kenchington, Tom Shohfi, and Roger White)
Accounting, Organizations, and Society, Forthcoming
Using data on NYC taxi cab drivers and an increase in the cigarette excise tax, we find evidence that suggests that a tax increase does increase the propensity to cheat outside the tax compliance decision.

Timing CEO Turnovers: Evidence from Delegation in Mergers and Acquisitions” (with Daniel Greene)
Journal of Banking and Finance, Forthcoming
We find evidence that suggests managerial involvement in mergers and acquisitions can be an important part of orderly CEO succession.

How Does Acquisition Experience Affect Managerial Career Outcomes?” (with Daniel Greene)
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming
We find that merger and acquisition experience (whether in a successful or unsuccessful merger) is valued in the managerial labor market.

U.S. Political Corruption and Audit Fees” (with Anand Jha and Manoj Kulchania)
The Accounting Review (2021) 96 (1), 299-324
Firms with headquarters in corrupt areas tend to pay higher audit fees.

Political Corruption and Firm Value in the U.S.: Do Rents and Monitoring Matter?” (with Nerissa Brown, Roger White, and Chad Zutter)
Journal of Business Ethics (2021) 168, pages 335–351
We examine factors that moderate the corruption-firm value relation.

Corruption and Corporate Innovation (with Jesse Ellis and Roger White)
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2020) Volume 55, Issue 7, pp. 2124 – 2149
Firms in more corrupt areas of the U.S. produce fewer patents and patents of lower quality than similar firms in non-corrupt areas.

Bulk Volume Classification and Information Detection (with Marios Panayides and Tom Shohfi)
Journal of Banking and Finance (2019) Volume 103, Pages 113-129
Traditional algorithms that sign trades as buys or sells no longer seem to relate to informed trading, while the newer bulk volume classification is related to informed trading.

US Political Corruption and Firm Financial Policies
Journal of Financial Economics (2016) Volume 121, Issue 2, Pages 350-367
Firms in more corrupt areas of the U.S. tend to hold less cash and more debt than firms in non-corrupt areas.

Employee-management trust and M&A activity” (with Leonce Bargeron and Ken Lehn)
Journal of Corporate Finance (2015) Volume 35, pages 389-406
Firms in more corrupt areas of the U.S. produce fewer patents and patents of lower quality than similar firms in non-corrupt areas.



“Overconfidence and Delegation” (with Daniel Greene and Matt Josefy)

“Can Better Tax Enforcement Moderate AirBnB’s Pressure on Home Prices?” (with Jesse Ellis, David Kenchington, and Roger White)

“Unraveling the Mystery of Zero Leverage Firms” (with David Denis)